23 Jan 2013

Men In Black 3: Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones

When I viewed MIB, I thought it was very funny and highly entertaining. When I viewed MIB II, I felt as if something was missing and did not find as enjoyable as MIB. MIB III'd to be the most entertain and the most enjoyable science fiction movie that I've seen in a long time. The aliens are fascinating, and many credits go to creativity. The time jump will grab your interest as we wonder which future will occur? The acting performance of Brolin and Michael Stuhlburg is superb, they are indeed mesmerizing! The impression of Tommy Lee Jones is incredible and the creatures are visually appealing.

Everything is just so vivid and well-framed. It really makes a nice change from the very darkly lit and darkly framed films that have been popular the past few years. There's room for every kind of movie, but this kind does what movies were meant to do in the first place. MIB III is FUN, and it has a lot of heart. The end of the movie truly surprised me.

Some people might start watching this movie feeling like I did, that the franchise was really looking like it was running out of gas. I was thrilled to find that MIB III is now my favorite film the series. It's a great comedy with wonderful comic timing, a great adventure with lots of great action sequences, and its got more character, charm, and heart than anything else in the series yet. Overall, this one is the perfect movie to be enjoyable watching!

Title Post: Men In Black 3: Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones
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Author: De Johnson

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