18 Feb 2013

iPad New Model (Analysis, How?)

In addition to the latest Apples new iPhone, iPad new model presence is also a gadget that most awaited public.

iPad New Model

ipad new model

Now the analysts issued their predictions for the next generation, iPad. presumably the new iPad model will have a design similar to the Mini Apple iPad.
this was disclosed by
Gene Munster, analyst from company of Piper Jaffray. the new ipad will still carry the retina display, but the redesign is quite different. we believe Apple will up date the iPad unusual body design similars to the Mini Apple iPad, Gene said.

Apple is expected to release a new iPad model at a launch event in late April. for the past two years this spring to be the implementation of the event to up date the ipad. looking at the history of apples product release indicated they would introduce something new in March or April, said Gene.

Gene also said it did not believe the rumours Apple iPhone deal quickly released the Mini Apple iPad with retina display. because the current difficulties with the supply of any Mini Apple iPad so it may issue updates. the addition of the retina display on the ipad is believed the new mini will come around the last quarter of this year.
Hope that this iPad New Model Analysis help you much. ;)

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