30 Jan 2013

Firefox to block Silverlight and Java

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To improve security and cut crashes, Firefox will block plug-ins including Microsoft Silverlight, Adobe Reader, Apple's QuickTime and Oracle's Java, Mozilla said.
Only the newest version of Adobe Systems' Flash Player will be run by default, said Michael Coates, Mozilla's director of security assurance, in a blog post yesterday.
Plug-ins extend a browser's ability to run software or handle different media and file formats, but that extra ability opens new avenues for attack. They've been a staple of Web development for years, but browser makers are working hard to reproduce their abilities directly with Web standards that don't require plug-ins.
Firefox will disable the execution of non-Flash plug-ins by default with a feature called Click to Play that lets people run each plug-in on a particular Web page if they choose.
Click to Play can be configured to override Mozilla's defaults, letting people set it to always or never run a particular plug-in.


Discovery App After Facebook Snips Data Access

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Russian search giant Yandex has ceased development on Wonder, a social discovery application it launched in the U.S., after Facebook cut off the app’s access to the social network’s API data feed. 
Yandex launched the app in beta form last week to U.S. users, but only hours after the app debuted, Facebook snipped Wonder’s access to the API.


RIM Aims BlackBerry 10 Launch Reinvention

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It’s hard to overstate how important the launch of BlackBerry 10 is for Research In Motion.

blackberry_10_screensAfter months of delays, the company really needs a strong reception for the new phones and operating system, due to be shown off later on Wednesday at an event in New York.
RIM is pulling out all the stops, starting with the event here, and continuing with a marketing blitz that includes the company’s first-ever Super Bowl ad.
There are a bunch of things to watch for beyond the device and software itself. First off will be which apps and services RIM has managed to get to support the products at launch. They’ve already announced some support, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare, the NHL and Major League Baseball.
But these days, the list of apps and services that consumers expect to use on their phone has grown long and wide. Also key will be how much love the company is getting from the cellular carriers. Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile have all said they will carry new BlackBerry devices, but just when and how much marketing they will get is another question.


Facebook updates developer policy

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Facebook has updated its policies for third-party application developers in a bid to explain why Twitter's new Vine video-sharing app is unable to access Facebook's friend-finder tool. While the updated policies don't mention Vine by name, the biggest changes appear designed to explain why Facebook decided to block the app, a move that sparked a wave of criticism this week.
In a blog post Friday, Facebook's Justin Osofsky, director of platform partnerships and operations, said the "clarifications" were published after the site received questions about its policies over the past few days.
"For the vast majority of developers building social apps and games, keep doing what you're doing," he wrote. But a "much smaller number of apps" violate its policy by using Facebook to "replicate our functionality or bootstrap their growth in a way that creates little value for people on Facebook, such as not providing users an easy way to share back to Facebook."
Vine, which is owned by Twitter and launched Thursday, includes a tool that allows users to search for their Facebook friends and add them to their Vine network. Vine also lets users automatically share the videos they create with the app with their Facebook friends -- a function that remains intact -- as well as with their Twitter and internal Vine connections.
Controversy broke out when users discovered later on Thursday that the Facebook friend-search tool had been disabled. Facebook has yet to say whether it intentionally blocked the feature, but the clarified policies it published Friday explain where the site stands on matters related to competitors using its social graph.
One of the amended sections reads: "You may not use Facebook Platform to promote, or to export user data to, a product or service that replicates a core Facebook product or service without our permission." The policies don't say what, exactly, constitutes a "core" Facebook product.
The new policies retain similar language about permissions, but give additional guidance about data-sharing with third-party apps. On the topic of reciprocity, for instance, the policies say developers can build their own social network via Facebook's API, but only if the app allows users to share their experiences back with Facebook users. Vine does offer this functionality.
Asked whether Facebook blocked the search tool or if there was a technical issue on Twitter's end, Twitter has said it has no comment beyond the error message users get when they try to perform the search.
The new guidelines also say that if Facebook disables an app, the developer of the app must delete all the user information it collected through Facebook's API, unless it is basic account information or it receives consent from the user to retain it.
Finally, the policies clarify that developers are responsible for "providing users with a quality experience and must not confuse, defraud, mislead, spam or surprise users."

Samsung's denies report iPhone and iPad price hike

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A Samsung official has reportedly denied claims that the company has raised the price it charges Apple for its iPhone and iPad processors by almost 20 percent. Speaking with Korean newspaper The Hankyoreh, the unnamed official added that prices were agreed upon at the beginning of each year and "aren't changed easily."
Monday's report in rival paper Chosun claimed Apple and Samsung have a supply agreement that runs through to 2014, and unless "special cost factors" were involved, unit prices have traditionally stayed level.


Apple iPad 128GB

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Apple announced a new iPad that's a lot like the existing fourth-generation iPad, only with more storage than ever before. The iPad with Retina display will now be offered in a 128GB variety. The Wi-Fi model will retail for $799; the Wi-Fi   Cellular option will cost $929. Most prominently, Apple says that the update brings LTE compatibility to 36 new iPhone carriers and 23 new iPad carriers around the world, allowing users of compatible devices to take advantage of the faster wireless speeds.
The 128GB iPad doubles the 64GB iPad size that was formerly the tablet line's maximum storage space. The 64GB, 32GB, and 16GB models all remain available at their existing price points. Though Apple's doing its best to help offload storage to the cloud when possible--see iTunes Match and iTunes in the Cloud, for example--Retina display-ready apps are getting larger and larger, making iPad storage space ever more precious. iOS 6 introduces the Advertising Identifier, a non-permanent, non-personal, device identifier, that apps will use to give you more control over advertisers’ ability to use tracking methods. You can reset a device’s Advertising Identifier at any time. And, if you choose to limit ad tracking, apps are not permitted to use the Advertising Identifier to serve you targeted ads. In the future all apps will be required to use the Advertising Identifier. However, until then you may still receive targeted ads.
When it released iOS 6.1 on Monday, Apple announced that more than 300,000 iPad-native apps are available in the App Store. The 128GB iPad employs a 9.7-inch Retina display, A6X chip, FaceTime HD camera, and comes with iOS 6.1 installed.
The 128GB iPad will be available starting February 5.
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