20 Sep 2011

BB Autotext on Android Phone

First, u need to download and install SmartKeyboardPro on your phone.
Then, u copy backup.zip file to sdcard/smartkeyboardpro (create manually if the folder hasn't created yet).
Go to settings/locale and text, check SmartkeyboardPro, and go to its settings.
Choose backup settings, restore from SDcard.

And, this is an important thing, cause this file (DroidSansFall.tff) make your Android phone (fonts) to be able to read BB autotext.
After u download it, u copy it to sdcard and move to system/fonts by running root explorer app (rename it to .apk).
and if it wanna take replace after u copy DroidSansFall.ttf, u just choose yes.
Restart your phone.
Now, u can see BB Autotext, here it is an example pic (SS)

And, enjoy it!

*note : your phone need to be rooted

How to Upgrade your Gio to Gingerbread Indonesia DXXKP5

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Hey, guys.
I will tell u bout how to upgrade gio to gingerbread :)
I use ClockWorkMod method

First,your OS must be Gingerbread. U may use any Gingerbread Europe/Asia/Arabic.
And, u need to have Odin Multi Downloader v4.42 & GIO OPS that u can get the file from here.
Open the file, and fill OPS column with Gio v1.0 OPS
Check "one package" list.
After u check it, fill "One Package" on bottom with CWM Recovery.
Now, get your phone into download mode by press Home+Power On/Off+Volume Down
Connect your Gio to your PC

Screenshot for example :

upgrade gio gingerbread
Wait till finished.
Next, U extract GB DXKP5 and copy a folder that is in it to your SDcard (sdcard/clockworkmod/backup). Or u can create folder if there's nothing CWM folder on your SDcard.
Turn off your phone.
Get into Recovery Mode by press Home+Press on/off button
Use Volume up/down to move to an option.
Choose backup and restore by press Home button, then choose restore.
Reboot System Now.

And change your Baseband version to GB DXXKP5, because your baseband is same as your baseband before (GB that u were using).
here it is :
Flash S5660DXKP5_S5660OLBKP5.tar.md5 via odin anymore.
With one package method anymore.

Screenshot for example :

upgrade gio gingerbread

Wait till finished (pass)
like :

upgrade gio gingerbread

And, if u wanna execute link2sd program on GB DXXKP5, u need to flash your phone with this file by One Package method anymore.
And, done.

May this can help ya!
Good Luck!

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