5 Jan 2012

[Kernel] Delano Custom Kernel GT-S5670 [dell]

By De Johnson | At 10:42 pm | Label : , , | 7 Comments
This is a custom kernel for Galaxy Fit GT-S5670
It's for KPQ firmware
Cause It ain't include wifi module.
So. if u test on other ROM, wifi get problem

I've compiled

For some screenshots :

And, here for quadrant score previews  [THX to Gandoct @Kaskus to help me review for my kernel]

  • Overclockable to 844MHz
  • Support Ext 3 and Ext 4 sdcard format/internal partition
  • Cifs & Tun support
  • added scaling governors (interactifve, smartass, smartassV1, smartassV2, savagedzen, scary, minmax, interactiveX, lazy, virtuous, msm7k, lagfree, brazilianwax, ondemandX, lulzactive, lionheart)
  • added 3 i/o scheduller for better i/o (cfq, vr, sio)

known bug:
  • -
Download links :

*Do nanbackup first before try this kernel.

Steps to install :

  • If you're from a custom ROM or other ROM using cwm recovery, u need to flash xrecovery file first
  • Flash xrecovery file by Odin
  • After that, Go to xrecovery (press Home+Power on/off button while your phone's off)
  • Choose Install zip from sdcard
  • And choose a kernel u've downloaded
  • Reboot and Enjoy! 

if u have problem with this kernel, report me, plz! 

Tested on .rfs system (not .ext4 system)
Do With Your Own RIsk!

My original thread on XDA
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