23 Sep 2011

How to unroot & root Gingerbread on your Android Phone

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This is a tutorial about how to root & unroot Gingerbread

First, connect your phone to PC/Laptop.
Then, copy root.zip to your SDcard.
Turn your phone off.
Then Get into recovery mode (press Home+Power on/off button).
Choose "apply update from sdcard" by pressing volume down at once.
and choose update.zip that u saved on sdcard by pressing home button.
wait for 5mins (MAX).
Reboot now.

Your phone is rooted :)

The ways same as how to root. But, the different is about the file.
If u wanna unroot your device, u need to download unroot.zip and rename to update.zip.
Then, u copy it to sdcard.
Do just like to root your phone.
Follow the instructions above.

Your phone is not rooted anymore

How to make Apple ID for free

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This is tutorial about how to make App ID for free payment.
First, u need to download iTunes program. U can download it here.
After that, u open the file. And, u go to store on menu bar.
Then, choose either of free apps. U can see just like on here.

After u have chosen it, App ID request to login will appear.
Go to create account.
Like here.

Click continue.

Read the terms & conditions till finish,
and check "I have read....," ok, next.

U fill these data that u suppose to.
Fill correctly. And, next.

When u be commanded to choose a payment card, u choose "none."
And, u fill the blanc correctly. And, next.

Account verifying will appear just like on a pic below.
And, u go to your e-mail to verify an Apple ID.

After u verify your account by e-mail.
U will see a pic like this.

And, now, u have an Apple ID.
Enjoy it!

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