15 Dec 2013

Colormod Custom GTA San Andreas

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I will share a custom colormod/enbshader configuration of mine.
These are some last screenshots I took.

Download links:

18 Feb 2013

The Biggest Hard Drive Capacity

This biggest harddrive topic would be TTWW (Trending-topic World Wide) for this time what we couldn’t find an object or what we talk about similars to.

Biggest harddrive

hard drives capacityThis is the biggest hard drives capacity 1 GB Yottabytes or 1 trillion, the NSA is building an area of ​​92,903 m2 as a storage pocket hard drive at a cost of about 2 billion dollars. The plan of this place will be able to store data for 1 Yottabytes (YB). Predicted, that this will be realized in 2015.

For those who hasn’t known about number / counts of hard drives capacity,
Just pay attention below!

- 1,000 Gigabytes (GB) = 1
Terabytes (TB)
- 1,000
Terabytes (TB) = 1 Petabytes (PB)

- 1,000
Petabytes (PB) = 1 Exabytes
- 1,000 Exabytes = 1 Zettabyte
- 1,000
Zettabytes = 1 Yottabytes

at may be able to store all the data in the world. That Hard Drives Capacity would also make us imagine how much hard drive takes to reach that capacity.
 If they use hard drives capacity of 1 TB per piece. It might them use about 1,000 billion hard drives. But from what we read, most likely the NSA uses much larger hard drive from the priority of NSA always use the most advanced technology that is usually not available in the market like they could use a hard drive with a capacity of 25 -100 TB per piece.
That place which would be used for.
Ok, we hope that this biggest hard drives capacity topic will help you much

iPad New Model (Analysis, How?)

In addition to the latest Apples new iPhone, iPad new model presence is also a gadget that most awaited public.

iPad New Model

ipad new model

Now the analysts issued their predictions for the next generation, iPad. presumably the new iPad model will have a design similar to the Mini Apple iPad.
this was disclosed by
Gene Munster, analyst from company of Piper Jaffray. the new ipad will still carry the retina display, but the redesign is quite different. we believe Apple will up date the iPad unusual body design similars to the Mini Apple iPad, Gene said.

Apple is expected to release a new iPad model at a launch event in late April. for the past two years this spring to be the implementation of the event to up date the ipad. looking at the history of apples product release indicated they would introduce something new in March or April, said Gene.

Gene also said it did not believe the rumours Apple iPhone deal quickly released the Mini Apple iPad with retina display. because the current difficulties with the supply of any Mini Apple iPad so it may issue updates. the addition of the retina display on the ipad is believed the new mini will come around the last quarter of this year.
Hope that this iPad New Model Analysis help you much. ;)

14 Feb 2013

Like Button on Facebook's Sued

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facebook has been sued over its “like” button by a patent-holding company that claims facebook ripped off its technology.

the lawsuit was filed in u. s. district court in virginia by rembrandt social media, the owner of patents filed by a deceased dutch programmer named joannes jozef everardus van der meer.

in step with the lawsuit, van der meer pioneered technology within the whole nineties that nowadays has been utilized on facebook.

in 1998, van der meer applied to firmly patent a technology that allowed users to firmly produce on-line diaries but a patent obtain a “related set of technologies that enabled the automatic transfer, for a user’s request, of third-party content a content-provider’s website to firmly the user’s personal diary page, ” in step with court documents.

essentially, van der meer’s patent envisioned what facebook nowadays calls its “share” and “like” buttons, the lawsuit aforesaid.

in 2004, van der meer, doing business underneath his company, aduna, registered the domain surfbook. com. in spite of this, he died that year and was unable to firmly produce his social network, court documents aforesaid.

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the lawsuit claims facebook was mindful of the patents coming from the nineties and most definitely has cited them in its own patent applications.

“although mark zuckerberg failed to begin what became facebook till 2003, it bears a exceptional resemblance, each in terms of its functionality and technical implementation, to firmly the personal web page diary that van der meer had invented years earlier, ” court documents aforesaid.

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facebook declined to firmly comment upon the lawsuit.

the lawsuit too names addthis, a social bookmarking service or a an early partner of facebook.

rembrandt social media is seeking damages, interest and courts prices, in step with the court documents.

image: Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images

New Li-ion (lithium) Battery

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 a team of scientists due to university of southern california and zhejiang university in china have developed a brand new lithium-ion battery that uses silicon nanoparticles set up of the normal graphite anodes to supply superior performance.

researchers at usc have developed a brand new lithium-ion battery design that uses porous silicon nanoparticles set up of the normal graphite anodes to supply superior performance.

the new batteries — that could well be employed in something from cellphones out to hybrid cars — hold 3 times as a lot of energy as comparable graphite-based designs and recharge among 10 minutes. the planning, nowadays underneath a provisional patent, could well be commercially accessible among 2 out to 3 years.

“it’s an exciting research. it opens the door regarding the design of subsequent generation lithium-ion batteries, ” same chongwu zhou, professor along at the usc viterbi faculty of engineering, who led the team that developed the battery.

zhou worked with usc graduate students mingyuan ge, jipeng rong, xin fang and anyi zhang, too as yunhao lu of zhejiang university in china. their research was revealed in nano research in january.

researchers have long attempted make use of silicon, which is certainly cheap and possesses a high potential capability, in battery anodes. ( anodes are where current flows inside battery, whereas cathodes are where current flows out. )

the matter has actually been that previous silicon anode designs, that were basically small plates of one's material, broke down from repeated swelling and shrinking throughout charging/discharging cycles and quickly became useless.

last year, zhou’s team experimented with porous silicon nanowires which can be found under 100 nanometers in diameter and only a few microns long.

the small pores inside the nanowires allowed the silicon out to expand and contract while not breaking whereas simultaneously increasing the surface space, that in flip allows lithium ions out to diffuse in and out from the battery a lot of quickly, improving performance.

though the batteries functioned well, the nanowires are problematic to manufacture en masse. out to solve the matter, zhou’s team took commercially accessible nanoparticles — small silicon spheres — and etched them the exact pores like the nanowires. the particles gathering similarly which can be created in any quantity desired.

though the silicon nanoparticle batteries nowadays last for barely 200 recharge cycles ( compared out to an average of 500 for graphite-based designs ), the team’s older silicon nanowire-based design lasted for up out to 2, 000 cycles, that was reported in nano lett last april.

additional development of one's nanoparticle design ought to boost the battery’s lifespan, zhou same.

“the straightforward technique we use may generate real affects battery applications within the whole close to future, ” zhou same.

future research from the cluster can specialize in finding a brand new cathode material with the use of a high capability that could combine well in the porous silicon nanowires and/or porous silicon nanoparticles to form a very redesigned battery.

the tasks was funded by usc viterbi.

publication : jiepeng rong, et al., “coaxial si/anodic titanium oxide/si nanotube arrays for lithium-ion battery anodes, ” nano research, 2013 ; doi : 10. 1007/s12274-013-0294-x

supply : robert perkins, usc news

image : photos/mingyuan ge and chongwu zhou
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