2 Mar 2012

[DEV][ROM] MIUI4 2.2.24-GIO Alpha3-base 4.0.3 (DEVS only)[update: 03/02/2012]

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 Hello, everyone!

I brought this MIUI to our device!

CF-root kernel on MIUI:


 •Include cf-root updated (from my BNC)
 •fix power option (bootloader)
 •gallery (:D)

MIUI Alpha 3 update

 •camera (works, but it goes blank)
 •gallery (it still needs to take a time to appear n work on HS, but sometimes not respond)
 •some theming apply fix
 •DSP Manager included n works
 •Add many languages
 •Take base 2.2.24

MIUI4 GIO Alpha 1

 •booting ( get into homescreen )
 •Touchscreen ( multitouch )
 •mobile data (H/3G/E/G)
 •usb storage
 •proximity sensor
 •auto-rotation sensor ( sometimes get problem )*
 •headset (test on stock headset)
 •gallery (it needs to take a time to appear n work on HS, but sometimes not respond)

*turn off, and turn on anymore

-Not working:
 •live wallpaper
 •call problems (someone can't hear our voice)


Link CF-root kernel on MIUI:
(pass: delanomiui)

Link MIUI Alpha3 update:

Link MIUI Alpha1:
(pass: delanomiui )

Patch 1 Alpha3
Check at this post:

THX to
galaxyICS (Marcin) for kernel source (I took some features from it )
and (Maclaw) for base ROM (CM)
TeamCooper (for my references)
Peteragent5 (for help me with his patch)
MIUI for awesome ROM
BNC (all friends, and me for port this ROM)

My original thread @XDA:
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