23 Oct 2011

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Here is CusROM and Kernel custom.
How to Inject Hyriand kernel on Simpli 1.3+cf-root kernel

1. Simpli 1.3 Firmware, u can download it from here 
2. U flash your Galaxy Gio GT-S5660 with Odin Multi Downloader v4.42 that u can download from      here
3. U need to download scripts to activate cf-root kernel that u can download from here
4. U need cf-root file, too. U can download it from here
5. U need terminal emulator to activate tweak manager that u can download it from here 
6. After u flashed it, u install root explorer that u can download from here
7. U inject the scripts to system/etc/init.d with root explorer. Then, set permissions for all to 777 or
    And, reboot your HH.
8 .Go to recovery mode by pressing Home+Power On/Off buttons
9. Install cf-root kernel u downloaded. Go to apply update zip from sdcard, then choose file cf-root
    Mount system first, then go to install zip from sdcard, choose file cf-root (CWM)
10.Reboot your HH.10.Go to terminal.
Type this command :
cd /system
sh properties.sh

Back, and go to Tweak manager. Check all, except Kernel Scheduler and DT:Auto Start. Apply changes, then, u reboot your HH anymore

Enjoy it, but DWYOR (Do with your own risk) !


Or u can use this file, but for CWM users
U can follow these instructions below :

U need to install CWM recovery with ODIN that u can download from here
After that, u download the file from here
Then, u extract it to your sdcard/clockworkmod/backup (create folder and name it like that, if u don't have the folder)
Go to recovery mode by press power and choose recovery.
Mounts and storage, mount system. Go back,
backup and restore, restore , then u choose the file u downloaded :D

Enjoy it!

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