22 Dec 2011

[Kernel] Delano Custom Kernel Galaxy Gio (not cyanogen) [dell]

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This is a custom kernel for Galaxy Gio GT-S5660 (not CyanogenMod)

Features (For last file):
  • OC stables on 883MHz
  • Add 672MHz scaling cpu
  • Only support ext4 internal system ROM
  • Swap support (a2sd GUI)
  • Cifs & Tun support
  • added scaling governor (interactifve, smartass, smartassV1, smartassV2, savagedzen, scary, minmax, interactiveX, superbad, DARKSIDE, lazy, virtuous, msm7k, smoothass, lagfree, brazilianwax, ondemandX, lulzactive, lionheart, greaselightning)
  • added 4 i/o schedulling for better i/o (bfq, cfq, vr, sio)
  • add BLN Support
  • Bash Installed
  • Custom bootanimation
  • Added cf-root kernel
  • Busybox pre-installed
  • pre-rooted

known bug:
  • -
Download links :

  • Dell-custom-kernel ---> here
  • or
  • Dell-custom-kernel ---> here
  • Dell-kernel-dxkt4 (if u fail flash both above kernel on dxkt4 firmware) -----> here [outdate]
  • for new dxkt4 (who can't get obtain IP address with my old kernel for dxkt4) ----> here [outdated]
  • dxkt4-kernel-v1.2 ---> here
  • DelanoKernel for ext4 fstype ROM --> here
  • md5sum:
  • 399550adeae0972fb071586c1630000e

*Do nanbackup first before try this kernel update.
This kernel update is include no-frills application. it's used for change maximum & minimum cpu speed, governor, and i/o scheduler.
If get an error while u were setting maximum & minimum cpu clock, please set it to a normal freq (787MHz/672MHz).
If u feel freak to No-frills CPU, just do delete it!
And, use SetCPU ^_^

Steps to install :

  • Go to CWM recovery (press Home+Power on/off button while your phone's off)
  • Go to mount and storage
  • Mount system, go back
  • Choose Install zip from sdcard
  • And choose file u've downloaded
  • Reboot and Enjoy! 

Credits & Thx to :
  • Phiexz
if u have problem with this kernel, report me, plz! 

Do With Your Own RIsk!
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