19 Oct 2011

How to upgrade your Samsung Galaxy Gio to GB KS2 2.3.5

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Hey, guyz!
I wanna tell ya bout how to upgrade your Galaxy Gio GT-S5660 to Gingerbread Official KS2 2.3.5.

Ok, let's to the case!

First, u need to download GB DXXKS2 Stock ROM from here.
wait till finish downloaded.
After that, u open the file, extract to folder u wanna.
Open Odin 4.42 that u can download it from here
Fill Select OPS with GIO OPS.
Fill other files like these :

BOOT : APBOOT........
PDA : CODE......
CSC : MULTI-CSC........
Let EFS & One Package blank

If u done,
u'll need to do just like below.

Turn off your phone.
Then, connect your phone to PC/Laptop
Click Start, and wait till "pass" seems.

Good Luck!

Install CWM recovery to your Galaxy Gio GT-S5660

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First, u need Odin Multi Downloader v4.42 that u can download here

After downloaded it, u extract to a directory that u wanna.

And, Operate Odin Multi Downloader, then get Gio OPS v1.0 into Select OPS column,

Then, check list one package on left side.
And, Get CWM recovery file into one package column that u can download download here

Click start. Wait till "pass" appears.


Activate CRT Animation

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I wanna share about Activate CRT Animation on my blog :D
Your HH has been rooted.

Go to system, there's build.prop
Tap and hold on the file. Then, Open in Text Editor.
*Don't forget to mount r/w system on right side.

Find :


Give # into it

So, it can be like this :


Up next,
U need to decompile framework-res.apk with APKTOOL that u can download here
*Don't forget to backup your data, if there something that u don't want it happens :D

After u downloaded it, go extract it into a directory that u wanna, and name it APKTOOL.
Then, u use command prompt.bat file on the folder.
Type these commands :

apktool if framework-res.apk
apktool d framework-res.apk

After u decompiled it, u find bools.xml on folder res/value, u search line :

<bool name="config_animateScreenLights">true</bool>

Change true to false
<bool name="config_animateScreenLights">false</bool>
After u edited the data, u go back to operate command prompt.bat

Then, type :

apktool b framework-res
Have a look folder build.

U'll find file resources.arsc and other folders (Go to folder res, find file u edited).
Drag it into framework-res.apk

May this help ya!

How to unpack, repack, split, mkboot edit boot.img

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Hello, I wanna share on this blog about How to unpack, repack, split, mkboot boot.img

First, u need a file names Bootimgutils that u can download here.
After u done, u extract the file into a directory that u wanna and give it name (Like, Bootimgutils for the example)
Then, U grab boot.img file (U can grab it directly on onepack ROM. U can find boot.img on Code, if u use fullpack ROM)
*Don't forget to check the file permissions as executeable programs. Right-click, properties. Click on permissions tab

Go to terminal (Linux) or Cygwin (Windows)
Type these commands :

cd Bootimgutils
./split_bootimg.pl boot.img
mkdir ramdisk
cd ramdisk
gzip -dc ../boot.img-ramdisk.gz | cpio -i
cd ..

O.K. Up to ya to edit boot.img.
And, don't forget!
If u have done to change files.
U need to repack it anymore.

For that, u can type :

./repack_bootimg.pl boot.img-kernel ramdisk bootnew.img

or u can replace it.
U just need to change a command to be like this :

./repack_bootimg.pl boot.img-kernel ramdisk boot.img

*If u have backup of an original boot.img

Tips for unpack XZ compressed type:
./split_bootimg.pl boot.img
mkdir ramdisk
cd ramdisk

change your bootimg-ramdisk.gz > bootimg-ramdisk.xz.
And, then open its ramdisk content,
Drag to ramdisk directory u made before.

And, repack it
./repack_bootimg.pl boot.img-kernel ramdisk boot.img

Happy packing!

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