1 Nov 2012

[Themes] LeWa new format themes link

Hey, guyz!

I will share these themes for u guyz!
But, I just rebuild and modified some parts of themes to match with new format and our mdpi device screen. But keep on development for each themes Maybe ported from other theme format or build by myself or other developers build xD

and, here are lists some of rebuild theme (.lwt) :

Link :
Delano (themes),

the contents are :
-BNC Remix
-BlackNeonAqua new lwt 
-blueMIUI new lwt
-Buff new lwt
-Jaku new lwt
-SBlack new lwt 

Preview :


-BNC Remix

I will add more soon ;)

Credits & Thanks to :
-All Contributors
-All LeWa developers
-All people supports

Source : here & here
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