21 Nov 2012

[News] JKT48 members on Sedap Malam

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Harugon / Harusan / Haruka Nakagawa and Akicha a.k.a Aki Takajo is on Sedap malam RCT* television program, Indonesia. To be interviewed :D

Ok, it's enough. I just informed u those about. :3

[Tutorial] How to make a simple form registration neatly

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I got a lesson from my lecturer about making a simple form registration.
Then, I modified the codes to look neatly :3, cause my lecturer said
that combine the simple codes with table element tag will make it look neatly.
So, I just followed his sayings',then applied or experimented it
to make it better to look. :D

It will look like this one for example

Jenis Kelamin Pria Wanita
Hobi Sepakbola Computer Internet

If u need the codes, here they are :
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