31 Jan 2013

Cara Menambah Alexa Link Anda

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Cara Meningkatkan Site alexa link in Rank, saya baca ketika berkunjung di blog sahabat, kemudian saya lihat Widget Alexa Rank yang terpampang di sidebar blognya. Woowww?. Site Link In ? nya banyak sekali, Jumlahnya hingga Puluhan Ribu. Sudah lama sebenarnya saya menemukan posting seperti ini, namun dulu saya sanksi apakah benar cara ini bisa berhasil menaikkan PR dan backlink. Setelah saya membacanya kembali dan masih kurang yakin atas Site Link In Alexa Rank yang saya lihat di alexa-nya sayapun kembali lagi mengunjungi blog-blog yang telah mengikuti cara ini. Dan ternyata benar, blog-blog yang menerapkan cara ini Page Rank Juga Ikut meningkat namun yang paling menonjol adalah Site Linkingyang dimiliki blog-blog tersebut sungguh banyak sekali.
alexa linkJika kita memiliki PR yang bagus dan backlink yang banyak, maka sangat cocok jika kita ikut program semacam paid reviews. Saya sungguh menyesal tidak menerapkan cara ini sejak dulu. Lebih baik terlambat daripada tidak sama sekali. Karna saya ingin memoneytize kan blog ini ke program paid reviews.
Caranya sangatlah mudah, anda hanya tinggal copy link yang berada di bawah ini dengan syarat anda harus menghapus link pada peringkat 1 dari daftar, lalu pindahkan yang tadinya nomor 2 menjadi nomor 1, nomor 3 menjadi nomor 2, nomor 4 menjadi nomor 3, dst. Kemudian masukan link blog anda sendiri pada urutan paling bawah ( nomor 10). Dan silahkan ajak teman anda untuk mengikuti cara ini serta sebarkan cara ini ke banyak Situs Jejaring Sosial anda.
  1. Raffi Exterminator
  2. Blog.PatasGSM
  3. Blog.PatasHoster
  4. Maulana Hosting
  5. Blog Maulana Cell
  6. PatasGSM
  7. Wayjar’ Blog
  8. All News
  9. Blog info tehnik
  10. Delano's Blog
Jika anda mampu mengajak lima orang saja untuk mengcopy artikel ini maka jumlah backlink yang akan didapat adalah:
Posisi 10, jumlah backlink = 1
Posisi 9, jumlah backlink = 5
Posisi 8, jumlah backlink = 25
Posisi 7, jumlah backlink = 125
Posisi 6, jumlah backlink = 625
Posisi 5, jumlah backlink = 3,125
Posisi 4, jumlah backlink =15,625
Posisi 3, jumlah backlink = 78,125
Posisi 2, jumlah backlink = 390,625
Posisi 1, jumlah backlink = 1,953,125
Dan nama dari alamat blog dapat dimasukan kata kunci yang anda inginkan yang juga dapat menarik perhatian untuk segera diklik. Dari sisi SEO anda sudah mendapatkan 1,953,125 backlink dan efek sampingnya jika pengunjung downline mengklik link anda maka anda juga mendapat traffic tambahan.
Saya sarankan anda mencoba cara ini dan silakan copy sebarkan artikel ini kemudian posting menggunakan menu Edit Html ( agar link ? link nya tidak hilang karena disinilah letak Site Link in Alexa itu ). Hilangkan link nomor 1 dan masukan alamat blog anda pada nomor 10. Buktikan sendiri hasilnya setelah itu baru kementar.
Artikel ini harus permanen selamanya di blog anda, anda tidak boleh menghapusnya.

The Next Frontier for App Developers of Windows 8

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Pundits are skeptical about the future of Microsoft's operating system, but there are three reasons why it's a big deal for software entrepreneurs.
So far, Microsoft's Windows 8 and Windows RT (the tablet version of the operating system) aren't doing what the company had hoped. CEO Steve Ballmer said that sales of its Surface tablet are "starting modestly" while one independent report claims that Windows 8 sales are well below projections. And according to highly-regarded former analyst and now venture capitalist Mary Meeker, Android and iOS mobile sales will begin to bury PC sales by next year.
windows 8 consumer previewIf you're a developer or tech entrepreneur, does that mean giving up on what has been the standard desktop platform standard? Only if you want to lose an enormous opportunity to conquer a large market. Here are three important considerations if you've been giving Windows short shrift.
Microsoft will sell tons of Windows 8.
Even with a slow start, it is almost inconceivable that Microsoft won't sell hundreds of millions of copies of Windows 8. It will be the operating system it provides to hardware manufacturers. And even with the business pain that the likes of HP and Dell have found themselves in, companies will continue to buy PCs. So will consumers.
So what if the rate slows down? Meeker forecasts 100 million Windows devices shipping--each quarter. Say that she's wildly over-estimating and cut the number by half. That would still be a market of 200 million by the end of 2013. Big enough for you?
Windows RT apps work for Windows 8 as well.
Windows 8 runs RT (tablet) apps, even though RT doesn't run regular Windows applications, other than Microsoft Office. That means if you target the tablet, you get both devices at the same time, which means at least 200 million by the end of next year. So, by making the right choice, you potentially reach all the users who might be out there.
Again, is that a big enough market?
The current RT app market is pathetically small.
I don't have official stats on this, but I recently purchased a Windows 8 convertible notebook/tablet and browsed through the entire apps store. Easily. There simply isn't a whole lot there.
A lack of apps might be a problem if you want consumers or businesses to adopt your platform--if you're RIM, say, or even Microsoft trying to sell Windows Phone. But Windows 8 will be (conservatively speaking) everywhere. There's very little competition and you have time to stake out good positions in software product categories.
Sure, you could spend your time chasing the iPad and iPhone market, or the Android hardware army. Both have so many apps that new ones typically get buried.
The Windows 8 app market is one that should be large and yet has the opportunity of the early iPhone days. Sure, you need to figure out how to monetize. That's a problem on every platform. But with these types of numbers, it behooves you to find a solution, because the result could be a very nice business.


Making QuickBooks Better

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You're already using QuickBooks. Check out five ways to get more mileage out of it.
You're likely familiar with the Apple App Store, Google Play, and the Windows Store, but what about the Intuit App Center?
Probably not on your radar. But maybe it should be. There you'll find nearly 50 apps that work with QuickBooks, and more than 25 that work with QuickBooks Online.
Here are five of them to check out because they integrate with the popular business accounting software to offer more features and functions. Best of all, they're free to try for 30 days.
BodeTree sits on top of Quickbooks and helps people who are freaked out by numbers, ratios, and formulas by giving them hard facts in a light, visual way. It gives you a current estimated valuation of your business, one-click reports, and an interactive optimization tool that lets you compare your company's performance to the competition, test scenarios to see how various metrics impact your company's value, and set specific targets to help you reach your goals. Cost: $49.95 a month or $495 a year.
This collaboration app keeps project and accounting teams on the same page and integrates with both QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online. It lets you work on projects with others; share files; track budgets, time, and expenses; and send financial information to QuickBooks. Mavenlink also integrates with Google Apps so you can sync deadlines with Google Calendar, take care of "to-dos" in Google Tasks, and search and embed Google Docs. You can choose to receive notifications about events, messages, and comments in real-time or bundled in a once-a-day email. Cost: $39 a month.
Method CRM
This customer relationship management app lets you create Web forms to help you get leads from your site as well as create invoices, payments, and estimates, and sync them all with QuickBooks Online. You can also use Method to build self-service portals for customers--a "My Account" area on your website--where they can ask questions, see past transactions, make payments, and print existing invoices. Method also lets sales people share leads with each other and includes analytics that identify your best customers and staff, and the ones need more of your attention. Cost: Either $25 or $40 a month per user.
ProOnGo Expense
ProOnGo Expense lets you track, approve or deny employee expenses. It syncs with your QuickBooks credit card registers so that you and your employees can edit and categorize credit card transactions from mobile devices running iOS, Android, or BlackBerry. First you activate online banking in QuickBooks, which pulls credit card transactions from your bank. QuickBooks then pushes those transactions out to ProOnGo. You can use your mobile device to edit and categorize the expenses, which sync back to QuickBooks. It also records timesheet info and mileage data, and auto-extracts information from receipts snapped with a smartphone camera. Cost: Plans start at $15 a month for one user and go up to $290 a month for up to 100 users.
SOS Inventory
SOS Inventory offers serious inventory, order management, and manufacturing features and is designed specifically to integrate with QuickBooks Online, which on its own doesn't include sales orders. SOS Inventory lets you create sales orders, shipments, and invoices. It also lets you manage inventory in multiple locations, track items by serial number and cost history, track multiple stages of work-in-progress, and create pick tickets and packing slips. Cost: Plans start at $25 a month and go up to $200 a month.

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