24 Jan 2013

[DEV] Update LeWa Gio Delanoister [20130124]


http://bbs.lewaos.com/forum.php for full changelogs from my latest update (develop version).


2D/3D Acceleration RIL Headset Audio Sensor Bluetooth Wifi USB Mount Camera Vibrate FM RadioPower Manager etc
What ain't working:
-SIM Toolkit doesn't get out timed, but sending continually. It can't stop.
-Need report from others.

A2SD CM Default

About A2SD DT


Download link:

previews previous version

Who wants to use LeWa theme (lwt), just follow these instructions!
1. Download and place theme on your root sdcard
2. Go to themes, tap on From SD (Local tab)
3. Check your downloaded theme(s), then, import it.
4. Back to Local tab, and choose theme u wanna use

Who wants to use app2sd / data2ext, just follow these instructions!

For A2SD users, if u wanna use it, follow these instructions:
-Download A2SD file >
http://www.mediafire.com/?mdl30lsgls1bl70  (Thx to Dwiaris to upload this)  [Flash via recovery]
-Go to terminal emulator, and type these commands:
  • su
  • a2sd zipalign
  • a2sd cachesdreset

  • a2sd datasd
It will reboot automatically, and, it takes a time.
Just wait, and see!

Q: Got a problem ..... So, how?
A: Try to repartition yours!

And, For A2SD CM Default users (on Settings),
if u wanna use it, follow these instructions:
-Open it, go to settings, mount as ext4 first, reboot!
-Open it again, and check all (available option)

Q: Got a problem ..... So, how?
A: Repartition yours!

And, for others!
Just do like on F.A.Q if u got problem, but D@YOR (DO IT @ YOUR OWN RISK)!

Good Luck!

How to Install :
1. Download & Place this rom on your root sdcard
2. Go to recovery mode
3. Wipe data/cache before install
4. Install zip from sdcard, install rom (cwm)
Install menu, install rom (RZR)
5. Wait till installation completed
6. Reboot & Enjoy it!

Credits & Thx to :
-Official LeWa Developers, CyanogenMod, and CyanMobile;
-Samsung for device and source;
-BNC, Galaxy Gio Community, Team Adreno, Team Cooper;
-phiexz, tjstyle, squadzone, Michele Valentini, JakeWharton, and others for contributors and supporters;

*Note: If u want to re-write, please take people to the source or this page! Thankyou

Title Post: [DEV] Update LeWa Gio Delanoister [20130124]
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Author: De Johnson

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Bartosz Szelmowicz said...

Hi, can you tell me how i can remove this numbers for chinesse services in dialer? when i push for example 6 i see many numbers for chinese services.
what i have to edit? this is in xmls?

Delano Blog said...

Are you a person who on xda asking me about?
Try on phone.apk, but, actually on me, it's in english. Never gonna change to be chinese.What theme were u using?

Bartosz Szelmowicz said...

Yes, it was me, I wrote to you on xda, please check your inbox, I sent you screen shot. Everything is in my native language I talk about numbers in dialer, push some number and you'll see a lot of chinese contacts/numbers.
In old dialer I dont have that numbers.
This is the one thing what pissed me off.
I like LeWa and thank you for many developer options in this rom.

Delano Blog said...

I think on a newer version, still has to be done a little more.
Maybe, if u like a stable version, go to previous version.
Cz this one is develop version. And, always get update much faster than stable -b.
My pleasure for person using this rom.

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