12 Oct 2011

How to partiting your sdcard

Hi, everyone!
OK, I wanna tell ya bout hpw to partiting your sdcard.
Let's go to the case!

First, u need to download MPW program from here.
Go install it.
and then, U find your sdcard location (drive).
Do copy your sdcard files first to a directory u wanna!
Delete your sdcard, so u can see "unallocated space." Click apply on left sidebar.
And, do format it.
First, for your saving files (music, videos, etc), u can set the space into size that u wanna.
Set to primary, fat32, and cluster 4kb

Second, for your apps installed.
Set the space into size that u wanna.
Set to primary, ext2, and cluster 4kb.
And, click apply.

Wait till finish partiting. :D

Good Luck!

Notes : not makes partiting over than 1GB for apps installed space.

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