23 Dec 2011

Custom splash screen on Android phone

Materials :
boot logo editor (credits to pratyush.creed)

After u downloaded it,
just extract files to a directory that u wanna place 'em.

and, take your image (.rle) or (.png) to the directory,
and go drag to a command prompt, like :
  • Converting .rle to .png
          "convert_rle_to_image.bat GIO.rle"
  • Converting .png to .rle
          "convert_image_to_rle.bat GIO.png"

U may wanna see ss for details :

Title Post: Custom splash screen on Android phone
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Author: De Johnson

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Anonymous said...

abis diconvert diapain gan?

Delano Blog said...

repack lagi gan, masukkan ke boot.img

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