19 May 2012

[Kernel] Delano Custom Kernel GT-S5830

This is a custom kernel for Galaxy Ace GT-S5830 (not CyanogenMod)

Features :
  • improvement kernel
  • Overclockable > 800MHz above
  • Underclockable (672, 748, 768, 787)
  • Clock @800MHz for first
  • Support ext3 & ext4 internal system ROM
  • Swap support (a2sd GUI)
  • Cifs & Tun support
  • added scaling governor (interactifve, smartass, smartassV1, smartassV2, savagedzen, scary, minmax, interactiveX, superbad, DARKSIDE, lazy, virtuous, msm7k, smoothass, lagfree, brazilianwax, ondemandX, lulzactive, lionheart, greaselightning, etc)
  • added 4 i/o schedulling for better i/o (bfq, cfq, vr, sio)
  • Added cf-root kernel (with BLN, wifi compatible)
  • Busybox pre-installed
  • pre-rooted (updated su binary & app)

Screenshot :

(Tested by SpaceCaker)

known bug:
  • - Haven't found yet, plz tell me! Cz I have no this device hehe 
Download links :
Cooper_Kernel v1.2.1-exp-version [NEW] **


Cooper_Kernel v1.2 exp-version**


Cooper Kernel #Delano v1.1 exp-version** ---> here
Cooper_Kernel_#Delano v1.0 ---> here


CHANGELOG 16/05/2012:

kernel improvement
update features
use console_earlysuspend instead of fb_*
remove a few governors
fix screen black issue while it's turned on

CHANGELOG 12/05/2012:

-kernel improvement-
-update features
-Include Undervoltage Module for Cooper
-update to tegrak lulzactive
-backport adreno 3.x kernel
-enable cleancache & frontswap
-comes with new adreno libs

-NOTE: Change & apply your cpufreq or clock from CpuControl, to make this work properly ^_^

*Do nanbackup first before try this kernel update.
This kernel update is include no-frills application. it's used for change maximum & minimum cpu speed, governor, and i/o scheduler.
If get an error while u were setting maximum & minimum cpu clock, please set it to a normal freq (800MHz).
If u feel freak to No-frills CPU, just do delete it!
And, use SetCPU ^_^

**For this version, u don't be shocked at booting time. . Cz it's ok, not bricked your phone. I did an experimental for this one . . backport the updated adreno drivers from 3.x kernel to my kernel. and, many more features

Steps to install :

  • Go to recovery mode (press Home+Power on/off button while your phone's off)
  • Go to mount and storage | mount menu
  • Mount system, go back
  • Choose Install zip from sdcard | install menu
  • And choose file u've downloaded
  • Reboot and Enjoy! 

Credits & Thx to :
  • Amarullz
  • Ketut Kumajaya
  • Chainfire
  • Samsung
  • Dev-host (for hosting )
  • CodeAurora
  • Phiexz
  • Jangs_momoi & Spacecaker (for helping me testing these kernels)
  • CyanogenMod Kernel (i've based this one and merged)
Source :

if u have problem with this kernel, report me, plz! 

Do With Your Own RIsk!

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