19 Oct 2011

Activate CRT Animation

I wanna share about Activate CRT Animation on my blog :D
Your HH has been rooted.

Go to system, there's build.prop
Tap and hold on the file. Then, Open in Text Editor.
*Don't forget to mount r/w system on right side.

Find :


Give # into it

So, it can be like this :


Up next,
U need to decompile framework-res.apk with APKTOOL that u can download here
*Don't forget to backup your data, if there something that u don't want it happens :D

After u downloaded it, go extract it into a directory that u wanna, and name it APKTOOL.
Then, u use command prompt.bat file on the folder.
Type these commands :

apktool if framework-res.apk
apktool d framework-res.apk

After u decompiled it, u find bools.xml on folder res/value, u search line :

<bool name="config_animateScreenLights">true</bool>

Change true to false
<bool name="config_animateScreenLights">false</bool>
After u edited the data, u go back to operate command prompt.bat

Then, type :

apktool b framework-res
Have a look folder build.

U'll find file resources.arsc and other folders (Go to folder res, find file u edited).
Drag it into framework-res.apk

May this help ya!

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