19 Oct 2011

How to unpack, repack, split, mkboot edit boot.img

Hello, I wanna share on this blog about How to unpack, repack, split, mkboot boot.img

First, u need a file names Bootimgutils that u can download here.
After u done, u extract the file into a directory that u wanna and give it name (Like, Bootimgutils for the example)
Then, U grab boot.img file (U can grab it directly on onepack ROM. U can find boot.img on Code, if u use fullpack ROM)
*Don't forget to check the file permissions as executeable programs. Right-click, properties. Click on permissions tab

Go to terminal (Linux) or Cygwin (Windows)
Type these commands :

cd Bootimgutils
./split_bootimg.pl boot.img
mkdir ramdisk
cd ramdisk
gzip -dc ../boot.img-ramdisk.gz | cpio -i
cd ..

O.K. Up to ya to edit boot.img.
And, don't forget!
If u have done to change files.
U need to repack it anymore.

For that, u can type :

./repack_bootimg.pl boot.img-kernel ramdisk bootnew.img

or u can replace it.
U just need to change a command to be like this :

./repack_bootimg.pl boot.img-kernel ramdisk boot.img

*If u have backup of an original boot.img

Tips for unpack XZ compressed type:
./split_bootimg.pl boot.img
mkdir ramdisk
cd ramdisk

change your bootimg-ramdisk.gz > bootimg-ramdisk.xz.
And, then open its ramdisk content,
Drag to ramdisk directory u made before.

And, repack it
./repack_bootimg.pl boot.img-kernel ramdisk boot.img

Happy packing!


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Parag Agrawal said...

I am getting an error.
gzip: ../boot.img-ramdisk.gz: not in gzip format

Kindly suggest a solution.
my email id is ajparag@gmail.com

Delano's Blog said...

u need to do "gzip -dc ../boot.img-ramdisk.gz | cpio -i"

u need to "cd ramdisk" first

but depends on

nagatalizer said...

kok banyak yg keblock yah bang

Delano's Blog said...

@nagatalizer : bnyk ke-blok apanya? memang spt itu tulisannya. . Tapi sudah bekerja kan? :)

Ersan permana said...

om klw recovery.img sama aja? saya coba ./repacknya cannot execute binary file ada solusi om?

Delano's Blog said...

@ersan: sama aja gan. . asal ramdisk dan rec-kernelny bnr kan? pas path ny dgn yg dituju di terminal?

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